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Filming in Greece


Greece has film-friendly light at all hours of the day. This means an uninterrupted production schedule that allows for the beauty of our country to serve as the backdrop for your story. Explore the historic architecture, stunning beaches, and kaleidoscope of vibrant blue hues that encompass the area.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a big-name movie house or a small indie filmmaker, budget is the number one concern when producing a film. Greece offers the perfect synthesis of quality infrastructure, convenience, and beauty along with affordability. Allow your creativity to stretch as wide as possible, as the opportunities here are endless. 


The Greek Cash Rebate is a no-cap production incentive that amounts to 40% of the eligible below and above the line costs, incurred in Greece, during pre-production, principal photography and post-production. For more details on the Incentive, please contact us. Eligible projects: feature films, scripted TV content, documentaries, animation & video games. No commercial films. Project approval within 45 days, based on script synopsis, budget estimate and simplified ‘Cultural Test’ criteria. Cash rebate granted within 60 days of expenses auditing.


Get ready to say, “Action!” all year long. Weather is typically a major cause of unforeseen expenses and delays on the production set. Unexpected foul weather can waste entire days or weeks’ worth of costs while producers still have to pay everyone on set. Greece is known for its year-round wonderful weather. No matter where you’re at the country, on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean or up on a mountain in the north, you’ll reliable have blue skies, warm weather, and low winds so you can continue filming your movie without a hitch.